Ash Handling Technologies

and other Bulk Material Solutions

Dear our Customers and Partners

We would like to present you our portfolio which includes our full scale of ash handling and bulk material technologies taking into consideration the new trends in this fields.

MBE EWB Ltd Hungary is a company offering up-to-date and reliable technologies for various ash handling applications for pulverized coal fired units, fluidized bed coal fired boilers, biomass firing boilers, heavy fuel oil boilers and also technologies for bulk material handling and storing such as limestone, gypsum, perlite, alumina, klinker dust, cement, coal dust, oil ash and many others.

Short history of MBE EWB Ltd.

MBE EWB Ltd is originated from Erőterv Power Plant Engineers. It was initially a Government company, entrusted with the setting up of power plants on turnkey basis in Hungary and other European countries. Ash Handling Division of Erőterv started working in around year 1955. Since inception this division,  executed many ash handling plants of different types in major thermal power station in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, etc.

In the year 1990, Waagner-Biró, Austria a well known company of Europe acquired 50 % equity of the ash handling division of Erőterv. From this year the name of the company changed to Erőterv-Waagner-Biró Ltd (EWB Ltd.). Since then, Erőterv Waagner-Biró continued ash handling business by implementing many more ash handling projects in Europe and Asia.

Gradually Waagner-Biró, Austria increased their stake in the company ending up with 90% holding of equity by the year 2000.
From 1997 McNally Bharat Eng. Co. Ltd (MBE - http://www.mcnallybharat.com) was in exclusive collaboration with EWB for the Indian Market up the year 2000. In 2001, when Waagner-Biró put up its equity for Sale, McNally acquired the same through a global competition.
Being satisfied McNally Bharat increased its equities to 100% with effect from 24 Sept.2003.

At this moment MBE EWB Ltd. is one of the few companies in the world able to supply all kind of Ash Handling technologies and other Bulk Material Technologies.

We are ready to supply systems on turn-key basis or give Engineering and supply the key components of the ash handling systems.

This website is giving an overview about MBE EWB technical capability and reference showing number of technologies developed and executed by us in the field of Ash Handling and other Bulk Material Handling.