Ash Handling Technologies

and other Bulk Material Solutions

Rotary drum type conditioning unloader

  • very effective fly ash moistening for dust free transport to final deposit site with belt conveyor system, open truck or railway wagon
  • slowly rotating drum mixes the fly ash discharged from storage silos with water and moistens it to earth-moist state
  • fly ash becomes dust-free
  • capacity: 30-500 m3/h (dry ash)
  • low speed rotation, long life time, low maintenance cost, very good mixing effect
  • for proper selecting of the conditioning unloaders beside the desired capacity the physical-chemical characteristics of material has to be specified too
  • Construction:
    • rotary drum with two rings
    • four backing-up rollers
    • hydrodynamic coupling
    • gear drive with chain transmission
    • nozzles in the drum for moistening
  • Advantages:
    • good mixing effect
    • no wear
    • low power consumption
    • easy cleaning

Type Flow rate of dry fly ash Total weight Motor power
[m3/h] [kg] [kW]
ND900 30-60 3100 7,5
ND1300 150-300 5200 15
ND1700 400-500 9500 22