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Silo systems

Fly ash storage silo – Neyveli, India

Fly ash silo

EWB can supply complete silo technologies for ash collection including venting, aeration, level measuring equipment and different kind of discharging facilities. We can provide complete design from small steel silos up to big storage silos with capacity of 5000 m3 made of concrete. We have different type design for silo aeration to ensure the proper flow out of the silos. The type and capacity of the aeration system can be different depending on the size of the silo and the shape of the silo bottom such as, traditional conical bottom, flat bottom, inside cone bottom etc. The discharging arrangement can be also different depending on the shape of the silo bottom portion furthermore how many outlets are required. Of course the fly ash storage silos have to be equipped with level switches, level measuring equipment, safety devices (overpressure/underpressure valves) etc.

Silo discharge facilities

For smaller discharging capacities rotary feeder is widely used. But for the fly ash silos we prefer to offer our fluid discharging system. This fluid discharging system is a very simple design consists of pneumatically operated cut off gate and manual or motorized flow control gate.

The main equipment for silo discharging:

  • dry unloading chute equipped with venting system for the proper dust free loading of tank-trucks or rail tankers, usual capacity range 80-150 TPH
  • conditioning unloader for dust free loading of open trucks or belt conveyor
Fly ash hopper fluid discharge system – Suralaya, Indonesia

In the inlet chute of the conditioning unloader there is a weight balaDry and wet silo unloadingnced feeder arranged to prevent the vapor going counter direction of flow. In somecasesif from the aeration system too much air is forced to the conditioning unloader the unloader has to be equipped with additional suction. In this case an additional suction fan and a wet scruber has to be provided.
Normal discharging capacity range:

  • for twin shaft type conditioning unloader: 40-300 TPH
  • for rotary drum type conditioning unloader: 40-450 TPH

Large ash storage silo station

For big power plants large ash storage capacities are required.
The biggest EWB reference is an ash storage silo complex including 2x5000 m3 fly ash storage silo and a 2x500 m3 bottom ash silo with the engineering and supply of the following technological parts:

  • flat bottom fly ash silo with expansion chamber equipped with aeration panels and venting pipes
  • venting system
  • fly ash silo discharge from central distribution box to mixing equipment and dry unloading via flow control device, flow measuring device and airslides
  • bottom ash silo with vibration feeder discharging facility

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